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Iowa-Minnesota Pirate Festival
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Last Updated: 9/8/2021

What’s yer pirate name?

  • Be sure to look up your pirate name and fill our your “Hello my pirate name is” name tag. Captain Fish Bait McKrakken would approve! (Limited quantiles available each day.)

Pirate Passport

  • Attention all first mates and Captains-in-training! Pick up a Pirate Passport at the front gate and begin your quest. If you can seek out the five special merchants in the marketplace that can stamp your passport, a treasure awaits at the end of your visit…

Costume/Tattoo Contests

  • Join in on our costume contests and tattoo contests. (Just remember to keep it family friendly.)

In the Lanes

Dr. Mal Practice
  • Captain J.P. Boyd (“Legendary Pirate”) – Roaming the lanes with a guitar. Too bad he’s not a musical act.
  • Dann Johnson – ‘Nautical’ rope-making demonstrations (make & take activity).
  • Dr. Mal Practice – (As seen at the Des Moines Renaissance Faire!)
  • Kids Games Realm – Capt. Harold & Christie.
  • Lacinda Wordekeep – Miss Lacinda Wordekeep travels with her friend Scarlett the Macaw, a beautiful and child friendly puppet. Young visitors can earn a special Pirate Coin from Lacinda and Scarlett by singing along with a Pirate song, telling a Pirate joke or dancing a Pirate jigg. Then spend this special Pirate Coin at Miss Lacey’s Souvenir shoppe full of treasures and prizes from around the world. She also brings with her a very special giant handmade Story Book, it is nearly 3 feet tall, and features the story of Peter Pan.
  • Legendary Carousels – kids activity.
  • Master Harold, Dockmaster & Herald
  • Fairy Go ‘Round – Stop by and meet Queen May, Nova, Oaklynn, Eda and Iva.
  • Pyrates of Portobello
  • Tyler of Tortuga – balloon maker.
  • …and more to be added!
  • Wanting to join our crew? Inquire within.

Tentative Entertainment Schedule*

* Tentative schedule, subject to last minute changes. Be sure to pick up the final schedule/show guide at the ticket booth.

Costume Contest at 2:25
Tattoo Contest at 3:25


11:30 Norsefyre
12:00 Merlyn’s Majik
12:30 Scenery Changes
1:00 Bess and Marley
1:30 Norsefyre
2:00 Merlyn’s Majik
2:25 Costume Contest
2:30 Norsefyre
3:00 Scenery Changes
3:25 Tattoo Contest
3:30 Bess and Marley
4:00 Merlyn’s Majik
4:30 Scenery Changes
5:00 Bess and Marley


11:30 Scenery Changes
12:00 Merlyn’s Majik
12:30 Norsefyre
1:00 Bess and Marley
1:30 Scenery Changes
2:00 Merlyn’s Majik
2:25 Costume Contest
2:30 Norsefyre
3:00 Bess and Marley
3:25 Tattoo Contest
3:30 Scenery Changes
4:00 Merlyn’s Majik
4:30 Norsefyre
5:00 Bess and Marley

Stage Acts

Bess & Marley – Lady Bess, a runaway aristocrat, has enlisted the help of ragtag traveling bard Marley to become a musical sensation!  When the rest of their 12-piece band fails to appear for their debut concert, Bess & Marley must band together (pun intended) to save the day.  Mayhem and hilarity ensue, including folk songs emphasizing strong vocals, tight harmonies, and comedy!

Norsefyre – Travelling circus troupe. Fire and aerial show.

Pyrate Merlyn's Majik

Pyrate Merlyn’s Magik – Our magical Captain is sure to amaze!

Scenery ChangesImprov comedy duo that specializes in performing family-friendly shows. For over 10 years, our signature short-form improv has entertained crowds of all ages. We create comedy on the spot and let our audience write the show. Each performance is a unique moment in history as it has never been done before, and will never be done exactly the same way again.


Axed in Time – Knife and axe tossing. Or, for landlubbers, “making metal things bounce off a wall.”

Legendary Carousels – Ride a hand-carved carousel.

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