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Our next event (when it happens) will be the 7th Sometimes-Annual
Iowa-Minnesota Pirate Festival
#Safe4Kids & Fun4Grownups

NOTE: We do not ask you to sign any agreement that limits where else you can perform. We want you to make money here and at as many other events in the area that you want to.

NOTE 2: Acts must be kid-friendly. No foul language. No adult themes. Nothing bawdy. A bit of innuendo is part of the experience, of course, but we don’t want anything a parent couldn’t bring their kids to see. Thanks!

This event was most recently held in 2018 in Minnesota, and 2014 in Iowa. Since it has been awhile since we were in Iowa, entertainment will be juried in. We would like to see a performance video (preferably at an actual public festival) to show our team. Thanks!

Everyone “on stage” must be in pirate or Renaissance-era costumes. We do allow related genres such as Renaissance, fairies, etc.

NOTE: Please let us know if you are under any contract limitations that would prevent us from booking you for our events, including the Des Moines Renaissance Faire. We have a number of new things being planned, and don’t want to bug you if you are not allowed to join us.

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If you have any additional comments, please share them below. If you do have contractual limitations on where you can perform, let us know the restrictions and maybe we can consider you for other events.

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