6th Sometimes-Annual Iowa-Minnesota Pirate Festival
September 11-12, 2021 in PM Park, Clear Lake IA.

Festival History

  • 2012 – August 10-12 in PM Park, Clear Lake, IA.
  • 2013 – August 9-11 in PM Park, Clear Lake, IA.
  • 2014 – August 9-10 in PM Park, Clear Lake, IA.
  • 2017 – August 12-13 in Morehouse Park, Owatonna, MN. (Co-produced with David “Snake” Lorton)
  • 2018 – August 11-12 in Morehouse Park, Owatonna, MN. (Produced by David “Snake” Lorton)
  • 2021 – September 11-12 in PM Park, Clear Lake, IA.


Costume Policy: Yes, please! Just keep it family friendly. There may be kids around. (That includes you, cosplayer who plans to come as a sexy Star Trek ensign.)

Outside Food & Drink Policy: Beyond special needs, please don’t. Our food and drink merchants need to make gas money so they can sail back home Sunday night. We reserve the right to confiscate and drink any rum you attempt to sneak in.

Pet Policy: Well behaved pets on leashes (with a responsible owner cleaning up after them) should be okay, and we expect non foul-mouthed parrots are okay as well. We draw the line at any type of sea serpents or undead monkeys.

Weaponry Policy: Swords and other weaponry must be peace tied. Cannons must remain unloaded and will be inspected at the front gate.

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